Jaipur lore

Jaipur was built in the 16th century and was the first planned city of India. In 1905, the city needed a fresh coat of paint to welcome its distinguished guest, the Prince of Wales. The contractor’s inability to supply any other colour in the required quantity compelled the choice of a pink shade for its walls. Since then called “Pink City”, its pink hue is associated with the hospitality in Rajput culture.

Beautifully laid out parks and gardens, the magnificant forts and palaces attract visitors from all over the world. The ambling camels and cheerful people of Jaipur, in their colourful and multi hued attire, make the city a tourists delight. A suggested itinerary to experience Jaipur  is the Jaipur City Tour.

Shopping paradise

Jaipur has a timeless appeal in its colourful bazaars that offer a wide range of rajasthani products. It is a treasure trove for shoppers, being the home of :

  • Blue pottery;
  • Hand block printed textiles and garments;
  • Tye dyed scarves and sarees;
  • Precious and semi precious stones;
  • Silver jewellery;
  • Diamond jewellery;
  • Batik paintings;
  • Stone carvings and statues;
  • Leather shoes;
  • Jaipuri quilts;
  • Stone and marble artifacts;
  • Carpets and rugs;
  • Handmade paper products;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Sandalwood products;
  • Delicious savoury snacks (namkeens) and churans (digestives).